About Us

Hi there and welcome to Lotus Baby Co!

I'm Holly, mother of a very busy toddler and seamstress extraordinaire. Raising a child can make you so much more aware of the world expected to nurture your child. When taking a closer look at everything that touches your baby from clothing to food to toys, you really gain a grim understanding of all the harmful things babies are exposed to from such an early age. Did you know there is an "acceptable" level of carcinogens in the fabric that makes up baby clothing? Here is where the idea of this company was created. Every baby deserves the best start possible so the only fabric we will use is GOTS certified organic. Any stuffed and knitted items will be made with alpaca fiber, the most sustainable wool fiber there is. It is known to be hypoallergenic so perfectly suited for little ones. I am actually so passionate about alpacas that we raise the alpacas on our little farm here! (Take a look at the picture below to see where this wonderful fiber comes from!) We promise to use eco-friendly packaging and business materials. You won't see endless plastic wrapping in your order and your order ships right from the shop, not from another country to warehouse to warehouse to warehouse. To shop with us means to help heal the world just a little bit more.

I am very excited to share with you this thoughtfully designed collection of baby clothing and accessories that are all lovingly handmade right here in Ontario, Canada. 

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